9 Simple Guide For You In Extension Approach.

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Extension is talked about in our previous post on this site, we discussed Agricultural Extension practice that can…

Extension is talked about in our previous post on this site, we discussed Agricultural Extension practice that can help you gain wealth, check it out. But at this point, I would like to say that the purpose of agricultural extension is to facilitate farmers and rural families access to information and knowledge that will improve their living conditions.

It therefore follows that certain basic rules will underline the conduct of extension workers. Let’s take a look at some of the few points below:-

1. Agricultural extension should be based on the needs and interests of the people such as improving livelihood through increasing and improving their production and productivity.

2. Agricultural extension should be based on facts and knowledge:- Here, it is wise for the extension workers not to mislead farmers, rather they should direct the farmers on innovative ways to improve their productivity.   

3. Agricultural extension should start where people are:- This implies that the extension worker should know the condition of the farmers, his environment, habits, traditions, attitude and economic status of the people in the society.

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This therefore means that for an agricultural extension worker to make progress with other agriculturists, new ideas must be related to what the farmers already know and which he is familiar with.

4. Agricultural extension should promote the use and development of volunteer workers/ leaders.

5. Agricultural extension programmes must use the rules of cooperative work:- Planning of programmes with the people is an important part of extension teaching involving them in programme planning makes it possible for them to learn how to work together (team work).

6. Agricultural extension workers should take advantage of any existing groups in the community to involve the people in extension programmes. Rural people tend to listen more to the community leaders than even the extension workers.

7. Agricultural extension should assist farmers/producers to identify their problems, and work with them, prioritize the problems and find solutions to them.

8. Extension workers must assist them to organize for their production inputs and marketing.  

9. Extension workers should work with all members of their family and regard the family as a working unit, but each with different interests and responsibilities.  

Hope this helps and guides you on your way to becoming a successful Agricultural extension worker?

Feel free to share your views and observations in the COMMENT section below.

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