Epic Reasons Why People Love Agriculture


Sometimes I wonder why people neglect Agriculture. Back in the days, people made quite a fortune in Agriculture and they all lived happily, in fact our fore fathers were full time farmers and they were able to live comfortably in their communities.


In this article, I will narrow our minds down to the ever growing Love people currently develop for Agriculture that will make you overwhelmed.
But wait a minute,
Have you ever taught about the reason, government now strategize to invest more in Agriculture when they suddenly discover that, the natural mineral resources the country depends on is having a down side?


What ever might be the reason, you will find out before this articles ends.

Nevertheless, since lot of people are shying away from Agricultural practices, thousands of people are grabbing the opportunity and  make good use of it on daily bases, and they result is successful.
Before we go further into details, I will like us to understand the real meaning of the word “Agriculture”.



Lets proceed…

Definition of Agriculture

There are few definitions on Agriculture by various individuals.

Fundamentally, Agriculture is the science, craftsmanship, or routine with regards to developing the soil, and in addition creating yields, and rearing animals.  

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Thou most people sees Agriculture as the act of horticulture which is “cultivating”, while researchers, creators/investors and others committed to enhancing cultivating techniques are said to be occupied with farming.  

These Farming strategies are, Subsistence farming:

By this i mean the individuals who cultivates a little zone with restricted asset information sources, and delivers sufficiently just sustenance to address the issues of his/her family.  

And furthermore,

The business escalated farming:– Here including modern agribusiness. This cultivating includes vast fields and additionally quantities of creatures, substantial asset inputs (pesticides, manures, and so on.), and an abnormal state of automation.  


Other horticultural generation merchandise incorporate timber, composts, creature conceals, cowhide, mechanical synthetics (starch, sugar, alcohols and saps), filaments (cotton, fleece, hemp, silk and flax), powers (methane from biomass, ethanol, biodiesel), cut blossoms, fancy and nursery plants, tropical fish and feathered creatures for the pet exchange, and both legitimate and unlawful medications (biopharmaceuticals, tobacco, cannabis, opium, cocaine).  

Now i will like to take you step by step through the seven Major reasons people Love and have strong passion in Agriculture.

Hey! Note these Reasons are not the only motivator, people have in Agriculture there are several other reasons. What you should understand is that, what one hate, the other likes. Same apply this this dispensation.  

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Below are the 7 Major Reasons people Love Agriculture…

1. Developments/Innovation:- Agriculture helps a person to understand the important role it plays in our world. Without farming we would not have the capacity to bolster our congesting populace. This is on the grounds that, rural businesses are always adjusting and growing new innovation and science with a specific end goal to keep up populaces’ needs. This improvement will additionally extend the fate of agribusiness.

2. Career Opportunity:- The career opportunities created in the agriculture industry are endless. It just feels magnificent to be a part of agriculture at the present time. What is surprisingly better is that I can turn into a business visionary who runs her own homestead activity. There are different businesses one can create for himself out the world of Agriculture. You can choose to focus on your area of interest, ranging from, Importation/ Exportation Agro Event (e.g Agra Innovate Program).

3. Financial Freedom:- Hope is not news that Agriculture is one of the major source of income to a farmer whether local or international, even a Nations depends on her Agricultural income.

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4. Networking and Partnership:- Here one can be able to meet and Connect with like minds during major conferences, workshop or seminar Programmes organized to enlighten Agroprenures on latest practices to help in their endeavours.

5. Time Freedom and Management:- Anyone can be his/her own Boss without tied down or subjected to anyone’s approval to manage his Agribusiness.

6. Source of Food:- You will agree with me that 100% of what we eat or drink is gotten from Agriculture.

7. It create Bond between two Country:- Two or more countries can enter into agreement in order to do business with each other, this is achieved by exporting locally made Agro products abroad as well as Importing foreign made products into a country. This treaty can bind countries for a long time as far as the partnership last without bridge of contracts.


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