Video Tutorial: Best Fish Cake Recipes Discovered

Fresh Fish recipe

Fresh Fish Cake Recipes For an Amazing Dish

Are you having difficulty in your kitchen routine, and seeking ways to improve your skills?

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With this simple fish cake recipe, you should be able to prepare any kind of fish cakes by adding your own style to the process.

This article will give you an idea on the basic fish cake recipes, and we included a video tutorial to give you the practical insight on how it’s done.

Below is the procedure:- 

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(Recipe for 5 servings) Ingredients:

  • 5 Whole Fish
  • 3 Cups Flour
  • 1 Bottle vegetable oil
  • Salt and Maggi seasoning to taste
  • Other spices

Method Of Preparing Fish Cake Recipes

Remove the head, scales and guts of the fish, Wash with clean water, season with all the spices and steam in a steaming pot for two minutes.

Remove from heat and grind with a pepper grinding machine until the whole bone disappears.

Mix flour and mould into round shapes, fry in vegetable oil until slightly brown, serve hot with jollof rice or fried rice.

NB: Bear in Mind that, everyone has ways of adding his or her own style to make their recipes unique from the rest.

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Video credit: Food Channel L

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